most wanted characters?

I’d say a Jackson for our April and Meredith and Cristina are the ones we need the most.

Nurse || Female || Taken

Hallie Roberts was born on 19th July to parents, John Meyers and Francesca Roberts.  The two were very much in love to start with, but the love soon faded.  Tired and exhausted all the time, the new parents struggled to keep their happiness and romance going, and it wasn’t long before they were fighting constantly about every single tiny little thing.  Hallie was ignorant to all of this as a baby, but her crying never did much to help her parents love.  Despite their problems, John and Frankie struggled through, staying together for the sake of their daughter.  However, one fateful day in June, Frankie died quite suddenly.  She was rushed to the hospital, but there was nothing they could do, she had died of an unknown brain aneurysm and Hallie and her father were left alone in the world.

Growing up with one parent, Hallie was lonely.  She had few friends, and she didn’t know anything different from what her father was teaching her.  He called her names, emotionally abusing her, telling her she was a failure, telling her she was the reason her mother had died.  Hallie was scared and had no idea that what he was saying was complete crap.  Then the physical abuse started.  Hiding bruises, and lying became second nature to Hallie.  She missed so much school because of her injuries, and she got even further behind, causing more blows to be rained down on her.  It was too much for the little girl and she became intensely angry at the world.  And apparently she was too much for John Meyers, who dumped her on social services doorstep when she was just eight years old.

No one left, Hallie was put into foster care.  She’d been treated like crap for her whole life, and that only made her angrier.  She didn’t listen to anyone, no authority figures could make her understand or do what they wanted, and Hallie tended to act out a lot.  She was constantly pissed off, and she couldn’t help it.  She’d never had the love that she’d deserved and it made her mad that she was still pretty much alone in the whole world.  Hallie became incredibly independent at a young age, and her lack of listening or doing what people said meant she was shuffled between foster homes, no one wanting to keep a girl who refused to take anyones crap, who acted out, and fought for herself.  

When she was a teenager she was placed in the same foster home as young Alex Karev, and the two hit it off well, their similarities meaning they caused havoc and chaos together.  As a teenager, Hallie was prone to getting hold of alcohol, hanging out with boys past curfew, and getting drunk.  She fell in with bad crowds, smoking and drinking, and constantly doing things she shouldn’t have.  She didn’t give a crap about school, instead spending her time having fun and doing her own thing.  She and Alex were good friends, and then became more than that.  The two had a thing as teenagers, and Hallie had always liked him far more than she cared to admit to herself or to him.  However, it wasn’t long before Hallie moved to another foster home, away from Alex.  She kept up with him as best as she could, but once she turned eighteen and was out of the system, she completely lost contact with him, much to her disappointment.

As an eighteen year old, out of foster care, Hallie found her own way in the world.  It was difficult to make it without any money or any qualifications, but she soon found herself a job as a waitress, working hard to earn some cash.  She moved from place to place, mostly working in dodgy bars, or wherever would hire her.  She wanted to do something with her life, she’d finally gotten her priorities straight, and Hallie knew that helping other people was something she wanted to do.  Realising she didn’t have the grades to become a doctor, Hallie worked hard to become a nurse.  Needing and wanting a fresh start, she picked at random a place to work, and soon was hired as a nurse at Seattle Grace.  Little did she know she’d run into a familiar face.

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Resident || Female || Taken

April Kepner grew up in a small farm in Ohio, and she spent the majority of her teenage years dreaming out getting out. She succeeded in the form of attending med school, and receiving her first-choice internship at Mercy West hospital. After the merger, after she tripped over her best friend’s body, she was different. Still perky and upbeat, but different all the same. Now living in the frat house, she’s focussing on her career.

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Attending || Male || Open

Mark was raised by emotionally distant parents. When Derek’s mother saw how lonely Mark was she encouraged Derek to bring him home. This led Mark to develop a family relationship with the Shepherds, and he became like a brother to Derek.

When Mark moved to Seattle after his affair with Addison he managed to win Derek back as a friend. He even decided to try and change his ways of sleeping around when he met Lexie Grey.

He is in a relationship with Julia Canner, even though he is not in love with her. He has a daughter, Sofia, with his best friend Callie Torres.

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Jo Wilson || Intern || Taken

Jo was abandoned by her mother at two weeks old. After a tough childhood in foster homes and on the streets she still managed to obtain a great education at Princeton and Harvard. Now, a surgical intern at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital, she is determined to make something of herself.

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Resident || Female || Open

Alexandra Caroline Grey is the daughter of Thatcher and Susan Grey. She is the middle Grey sister; her younger sister is Molly Thompson, and her older sister is Meredith. At first they didn’t get along but eventually they grew close to each other.

Lexie is a resident at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital and she has a special interest in Neurosurgery. She’s just ended a relationship with Jackson Avery.

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Attending || Male || Open

Derek Shepherd watched two men kill his father over his watch, and was forced to grow up too fast. He stepped up and helped his mother. In Med School he met Addison Montgomery and married her soon after. After eleven years of marriage, he left their home in New York after finding Addison in bed with his best friend, Mark Sloan.

Starting over in Seattle, he met the love of his life, Meredith Grey. They are trying to adopt a baby named Zola.

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Resident || Male || Open

Jackson finds it incredibly awkward working side by side with Lexie’s ex-boyfriend Mark Sloan, but knows he has no choice if he wants to pursue a career in plastics. However, his plastics career may be over before it’s started as his family has just found out that it’s the specialty he wants to pursue and they are not happy with him.

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Attending || Male || Open

Owen grew up in Seattle, as an only child. He got an MD from Harvard. He did his residency at Maryland Shock Trauma Center before enlisting in the army after the events of 9/11, and became an army trauma surgeon. After the war, he started to work at SGMW as a trauma attending. 

He’s married to Cristina Yang even though they are currently separated  because of their disagreement regarding the baby that Cristina is carrying.

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Resident || Male || Taken

In spite of his family’s bad situation Alex managed to go to college with a wrestling scholarship and become a successful surgeon.

After being the person to reveal Meredith’s dishonesty regarding the clinical trial, Alex has found himself on the out with his friends. His girlfriend Lucy Fields up and left him, taking his job in Africa, and Alex is struggling to fit in with anyone at the moment. 

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